Griffin Products

A great company with better people


A third generation stainless fabricator, Shane Griffin launched Griffin Products in 1994 armed with design theories, fabrication knowledge and a few pieces of equipment that had been been passed down from Shane's grandfather, Jack Knauss, to Shane's father Vernon Griffin. 

Through hard work, forward thinking and the initiative to keep up with a changing market, Shane was able to craft Griffin Products into what it is now:  A cutting edge stainless steel manufacturing facility staffed by an incredible work force.  This work force combines new technology with old school work ethics to produce high quality stainless steel products.  What makes us truly special is your experience: 

We don't spend a lot of time pouring over mission statements, setting corporate goals, or even taking part in formal team building exercises.  Our goal is to make you happy.  We do this by providing a high quality product, that is what you need, for a fair price and then making the rest of the buying experience seamless.  This is 'team building' for Griffin Products.  We continue to do this every day because we enjoy it almost as much as our customers do.

A lot of things have changed since Shane's grandfather began building sinks 1958 but one thing has remained a constant throughout the generations:

Griffin Products is very proud of the craftsmanship, design and buying experience that is a part of every product.  We're truly at our best when sharing all of this with you.  


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